At Cornell Capital Group, we believe that one shoe does not fit all. Individuals have different risk preferences, objectives, and tax status, among other factors. We work with each individual client to design an investment strategy that simultaneously meets their needs and utilizes our skills, in order to create long term value.

Asset Allocation

At Cornell Capital Group, we believe that one of the first and most important decisions an investor must make is how to effectively allocate assets between asset classes (including stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents).  Therefore, we begin by constructing diversified custom portfolios that are allocated across various asset classes to match clients’ specific risk preferences.

Active Asset Management

We also believe that there are mispricing opportunities which can be exploited to enhance the core investment.  Based on our extensive experience and research capabilities we are uniquely qualified to uncover and take advantage of these opportunities.  A recent example of this is our research on and analysis of Tesla (TSLA) which is reported extensively on our blog.  For many investments we recommend, including the position in Tesla, the use of options plays an integral role.  In order to both hedge risk and exploit mispricings, we take meaningful short as well as long positions in options.  The extent of both active management and hedging can be tailored to the client’s particular interests and objectives.

Efficient Tax Management

An important, and often overlooked, benefit of having an individual custom portfolio is the ability to manage tax obligations efficiently.  The fact that our managed portfolios often include short and long positions, as well as options, enhances this opportunity.  By working closely with our clients and drawing upon our extensive experience, we are able to enhance after tax investment performance.

The CCG difference

Our combined academic background and practical experience in investing and ability to employ active asset management down to the individual security level, sets us apart from standard RIAs. We are investment management specialists. In essence, we create personal “hedge funds” for our clients.

Shaun Cornell, CFA

President, Chief Investment Officer

Andrew Cornell

Research Analyst, Chief Technology Officer

Bradford Cornell

Senior Consultant