Global Warming in the Miami Airport

By November 4, 2016 Blog

       This week I took a business trip to San Juan Puerto Rico via Miami.  A check of the weather before I left showed 80 degrees in Miami and 84 in San Juan.  Nice warm tropical weather.  To be safe, I packed a light sweather in case of aggressive restuarant air conditioning.

        During the three days I was gone I was freezing the whole time, even with my cotton sweater.  Because I am interested in energy conservation, I carry a digital therometer.  Cooling is highly energy intensive, much more so than heating.  In both the San Juan and Miami airports, where I spent way too much time, my thermometer never got above 69.  I wanted to go outside to warm up, but security presented that.

         Ironically, President Obama was in Miami as well campaigning for Hillary Clinton and mentioned her dedication to addressing climate change.  A first step in that effort is getting the incentives right.  Both Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton stress the importance of government policy as opposed to market incentives in addressing the issue.  But both airports are run by public authorities and neither seems to have any interest in energy conservation.  I asked several employees, all wearing coats, why it was so cold.  Nobody knew.  In fact, nobody had any idea who set the temperature guidelines.