A Kudo for Elon Musk

By August 6, 2018 Blog

       One thing you have to give Elon Musk credit for is that he creates news.  And as Hollywood publicists are fond of saying all publicity is good publicity.  In in the car business no one generates close to as much publicity as Elon Musk.

        Yesterday I was comparing various fully electric cars to the Model 3.  I could not even remember the name of Honda’s entry.  By comparison, is there anyone with even the remotest interest in electric cars that has not heard of the Model 3?  The name recognition alone is of significant value.  My comparison revealed that in regard to name recognition only Porsche with its Mission E and the forthcoming Taycan approaches the Model 3.  I then visited my local Porsche dealer who informed me that the waiting list for the car, which is not due out until fall 2019, was already a year long.  Tesla’s competitors should not let Mr. Musk steal all the headlines.