Upcoming Featured Publication – Energy and Investing :”The Great Transformation”

By February 12, 2019 Blog

Human civilization faces a daunting problem – how to provide reliable energy to a growing world economy and a rising population that will surpass 10 billion before the end of the century without doing undo environmental damage.  What makes the problem so daunting is not the technological hurdles, though to be sure there are many, but the sheer size and scope of the problem.  The amount of investment required globally may well exceed $100 trillion (about five times the GDP of the United States) world-wide before the transformation away from fossil fuels is complete.  To help appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking, the Cornell Capital report on Energy and Investing which will be posted this weekend brings together data from wide ranging sources on global energy usage to first assess the scope of the great transformation required to replace reliance on carbon fuels.  It then turns to the question of what financial innovations will be required to fund what will be the largest infrastructure projects in history.

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