Cornell Capital Group LLC will be kicking off the RADY(UCSD) Innovation in Finance Lecture Series on Wednesday, April 10.


Conceptual Foundations of Investing


Wednesday, April 10

Rady School

Executive Education Classroom

4th Floor, Wells Fargo Hall

Please join us for a presentation by Bradford and Shaun Cornell, authors of The Conceptual Foundations of Investing – A Short Book of Need-to-Know Essentials.

The presentation will examine three conceptual foundations of investing developed by Nobel Prize winners Eugene Fama, Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe, and Joseph Stiglitz.  Their ideas are not only important for academic research, but also have significant implications for individual investors. Insights into the operation of financial markets will surprise even students of finance.

A networking reception will follow the presentation.

Here is a preview of the presentation, taken from our most recent talk at Claremont College.